Fraternity History

Beta Upsilon Chi was formed at The University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 1985 by a handful of Christian men who desired an alternative to the present fraternal lifestyle. A group of Christian men met and planned the “BYX Island Party” to formally announce the fraternity’s founding. It was the vision of the founding fathers to have a fraternity of committed Christian men, based on the unique brotherhood that a Christian atmosphere affords, for the purpose of fellowship and glorification of Jesus Christ. Through such events as parties, service projects, and evangelical outreaches, the charter members of Beta Upsilon Chi chose to unite in fellowship and glorify Jesus Christ on the University of Texas campus.

Chapter History

The Alpha Eta chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi at Clemson University began in the spring of 2012.  A group of men began to hold informational meetings in Martin Hall to find other men with the common goal of establishing BYX at Clemson.  Once a solid group began to form, they were in continuous prayer as to whether it was God’s will for BYX to be established at Clemson. Prayers were answered as the process of establishing a chapter was underway, and the founding fathers became confident that this was God’s will.  Everything continued to work out in perfect timing as the semester came to a close, including the required campus visit by Executive Director Jason Hoyt and National Advisor Nick England. On August 19, 2012, the founding fathers of Clemson BYX were initiated, with the purpose of establishing brotherhood and unity based on the common bond of Jesus Christ.

Founding Fathers

Sam Ashmore, Preston Bankson, Brian Barbee, Key Barkley, Alex Disbrow, Schuyler Easterling, Sanders Gillespie, David Gregorie, Conner Hodges, Christian Infinger, Andrew Meller, Trent Miller, Zach Morrison, Austin Pearce, Ted Rhodes, Daniel Ross, Caleb Senn, Brandon Smith, Harold Stein, Greg Stephens, Ryan Taylor, Ryan Waataja, Drayton Wade, and Spencer York

Chapter Sponsors: T Thompson, Shane Lewis, Brett Williams, Jay Rubottom, Wendell Meeks, Roy Stone, Cameron Wallace, Mark Griege, Ethan Francis

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